Resident Educator Year One

Sandy Valley Local Schools

Resident Educator Program

 REs and mentors are required, by the ODE, to meet weekly.  Possible topics for those meetings include (but are not limited to) building procedures, student achievement, discipline, and differentiation. A Collaborative Log must be filled out monthly, all meeting hours should be logged using a time sheet. The RE should also retain a copy of these logs.

In addition to the Collaborative Logs, the following forms are required for Years 1-2 REs.  They should be completed by the RE, and done in collaboration with the mentor.  You may type directly in the forms and print them for your records.  Or, you may choose to print them and then handwrite on them.  Either way, be sure that the RE keeps the completed form in his/her portfolio.
All resources and required documents, such as the collaborative log, the Gathering & Synthesizing Data tool, the self-assessment summary, and the professional growth plan are available from the ODE in the Mentoring Toolkit.

What are Reciprocal / Exemplary Observations?

Reciprocal Observations

Reciprocal observations are shared professional observations that may occur between REs and mentors, between veteran teachers and REs, between REs and REs, between administrators and staff, etc. They may be experienced in real time or via electronic devices. This spirit of reciprocity exists in all observation formats. It is the understanding that both the observer and the one being observed gain insights into the complexities of teaching and best practices. Reciprocal observations formalize this philosophy by providing opportunities for professionals to share the same experience, to establish common language and common understandings of teacher standards and common qualities of effective teacher performance. Reciprocal observations provide opportunities for the observers to participate comfortably in deep and difficult professional conversations about the art and science of teaching since they are not the subject of the conversation.

Exemplary Observations

"Teacher to teacher modeling has the greatest impact on teacher improvement." (Douglas Reeves) Exemplary teacher observations bring the deepest change in instructional practices and have the greatest impact on increased student achievement. They should occur as frequently as possible throughout the life of a teacher. Observation of Exemplary Teacher by Resident Educator and Exemplary Teacher Observation: Reflective Conversations are tools that may be used to document exemplary teacher observations. 

Professional Growth and Communication-Monthly Timeline (Required Documents)
-RE Self-Assessment
-Focused Mentoring - Creating a Positive Learning Environment
-Focused Mentoring - Engaging Parents/Communication with Parents
-Professional Growth Plan
-Goal Setting
-First formal observation-instructional cycle/collaborative log for reflective conversation
-Collaborative Log
-Observation of Exemplary Teacher
-Collaborative Log
-Formal Observation
-Collaborative Log
-Midyear goal setting review (Revisit beginning of year goals)
-Collaborative Log
-Focused Mentoring - Collaboration with Colleagues
-Collaborative Log
-Second Exemplary Observation with Mentor
-End of Year Goal Setting
-End of Year Review and Reflection