Cardinals of Character: Sophomores 3rd Nine Weeks 2022-2023

Congratulations to Britney and Samantha!

⭐️Britney was nominated for the character of ACHIEVEMENT by Mr. O’Callaghan who said, “Britney is a focused student that is very diligent in her work. She always makes the best of her time and communicates well with her teachers. She is a pleasure to have in class and continues to be a good role model for others.” ⭐️

Here are some fun facts about Britney!

🟥 What character means: Just like Mr.Lidderdale always says, you will have your character for the rest of your life and you should be able to look back at yourself and believe you are a good person.

🟥 Favorite class at SV: Concert Choir

🟥 Favorite teacher/teachers: Mr. Donahue and Mrs. Humphrey because both of these teachers encourage me to be the best version of myself. Also, no matter what, they always have my back.

🟥 Activities at SV: Concert Choir

🟥 Favorite song: Sparks Fly

🟥 Favorite movie: The Parent Trap

🟥 Favorite TV show: The Simpsons

🟥 Favorite food: Ramen noodles

🟥 Favorite quote: Live everyday like its your last

🟥 After high school: I am going to be a cosmetologist and, hopefully, own my own salon one day.

🟥 Recommended classes: Any fine arts class or something musical - like band or choir.

🟥 Role model: My mother is probably my biggest role model because no matter what life throws at her, she always conquers it. She does not just wait for good things to come to her, she works hard so her and her family can have an amazing life.

🟥 Advice to give: Cherish time while you have it and make wise decisions.

🟥 The happiest moment at SV: Being in Track and field in 2022 with all my friends and learning how to throw shot-put and discus.

⭐️Samantha was nominated for the character of RESPONSIBILITY by Mr. Brandon who said, “Sam is always punctual to class and eager to learn. She is willing to contribute to class discussions and is always respectful when corresponding with teachers.” ⭐️

Learn about Samantha!

🎨 What character means: Having a good character can help others, not just yourself. If you’re just being yourself - be the best you. Also, being kind to others can transfer your kindness to them. If they have a bad day, being kind can make their day somewhat better.

🎨 Favorite class at SV: Study Hall

🎨 Favorite teacher/teachers: Mr. Brandon because he actually understands what a teenage life is like and lets me talk if I have a bad day which makes me feel better. Miss Armbruster because I love art and she had helped me learn how to draw better and in my own style, and she lets me talk about drama when I have any - which is quite seldom.

🎨 Activities at SV: Drama Club

🎨 Favorite song: Diamonds by Rhianna

🎨 Favorite movie: My Hero Acadamia: World’s Heroes Mission

🎨 Favorite TV show: My Hero Acadamia

🎨 Favorite food: Chocolate caramel anything

🎨 Favorite quote: You’re lucky enough to be different so don’t try to be like everyone else.

🎨 After high school: I want to move to London and go to art college to become an artist and make anime in Japan. I would like to travel to New York, Hollywood, and Hawaii.

🎨 Recommended classes: SV students should take the class Mrs Vanmeter has for taking care of children. It could help some students with their future if they want kids when they get married.

🎨 Role model: My role model has to be Izuku Midoryia from My Hero Acadamia because he creative, imaginative, and empathetic. Despite being an introvert, Deku is people-oriented and some might mistake him for an extrovert. This is typical for people of the INFJ personality type. With his sensitive and kind temperament, people love being around Deku and he is a great listener. I want to be more like him.

🎨 Advice to give to the younger me is that some people aren’t worth your breath. Just count to 10 when you get mad. Not everything is worth your anger. Also, listen to your aunt!

🎨 The happiest moment at SV: My happiest moment was when I met my best friend, Audrey Felton.