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Sandy Valley Back to School Update

Good afternoon, Sandy Valley. This is the superintendent of schools, David Fischer, with a
back-to-school update.

Sandy Valley Local Schools is committed to beginning the school year as safely as possible. To assist us
in this endeavor, this summer, we have upgraded much of our HVAC and air filtration systems, and
have replaced all restrooms with touchless faucets, and plan to install new paper towel dispensers in
the near future (see page 6). As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, we will continue our enhanced cleaning and
disinfecting of all of our buildings. We will also be vigilant promoting proper hygiene and ask that all
staff and students perform their own safety and wellness checks prior to entering the Sandy Valley
buildings and events (see page 8).

As of today, it is our intent that the wearing of masks on school grounds and in our buildings will be
OPTIONAL. However, due to the inability to social distance on school transportation, the current
CDC order requires masks to be worn by both drivers and passengers while on a school bus (see page 5).
Additionally, as of today, all athletic venues have no restrictions. This means a return to offering
Senior Citizen Passes, and, as of today, there are no limitations on capacity. Again, masks should be
worn on school buses but will remain optional throughout our buildings, our campus, and all of our
athletic venues at this time.

To assist you in your decision-making this school year, please refer to our social media and website for
some of the most frequent recommendations, information, and guidance (see page 2). We appreciate your
flexibility as recommendations and/or mandates may change throughout the school year.
It is our belief that in-person, face-to-face instruction is best for our students. Please note, remote
learning will no longer be a student-driven decision but will be considered on a case-by-case basis

We are proud of the continued cooperation and dedication of our staff and the greater Sandy Valley
community. This coordinated approach allowed us to be one of the very few school districts across the
state of Ohio that never missed a single day of in-person instruction last school year. We believe we
will, once again, rise to the occasion and continue our success as we prepare for the 2021-22 school

Enjoy the remainder of your summer! Stay safe, stay healthy and Go Cards!

Back to School Update 8-3-2021

Ohio K-12 Schools COVID Guidance Revised 7/26/2021