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Grading Policy for the 4th Quarter/Nine Weeks

Due to the closure of the school, many questions have been asked about 4th quarter grades.  It has been determined that every student in grades 3 - 12 will receive a letter grade; however, how that grade is earned will look a little different than normal.

If a student has completed their remote learning for the 4th quarter, we will take an average of their first three quarters to calculate a 4th quarter letter grade.  In the event a student performed better than satisfactory work during Remote Learning, a teacher will add that information in calculating the 4th quarter grade. 

We do not want COVID 19 to cause a student's grades to drop from their average due to these extreme and unusual circumstances. If a student has not successfully attempted remote learning or does not turn in a packet they received, they will receive a Fail for the 4th 9 weeks.

All students in grades 3-11 can continue to turn in remote learning assignments until May 29.  There will be no Sandy Valley issued final exams. In the event your student has already completed all assigned work for the 4th quarter, enrichment activities may be assigned by their teacher.  For more information, please email your child's teacher.