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Sandy Valley Drama Club presents the SVMS production of "Disorder in the Court!"

Sandy Valley Drama presents "Disorder in the Court" on Friday, May 12th, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 and are only sold at the door. Come out and join in the fun! 

Synopsis:  Casey Licit is on a cross-country road trip when she’s apprehended and held for trial in a town appropriately named Berserksville.  Charged with an outrageous triple crime, Casey maintains her innocence.  But as the trial begins, our level-headed defendant realizes her hapless defense attorney is an ineffective dolt, and the prosecution effectively uses silly, childish distractions to win the case, including bribing Judge Falter and witnesses with candy and leading the courtroom in the Macarena! 

There’s also a parade of witnesses whose testimony is nothing more than twisted fibs, boastful self-promotion, or gabby gossip.  Casey soon sees that her only chance at justice lies in her quick wits to beat them at their own game in this crazy (and hysterical!) kangaroo court.
Come and see this fun middle school production!