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Academic Booster Club

Academic Booster Club

What is it all about: Rewarding and encouraging academic achievements.
How do we accomplish this: With SUPPORT FROM OUR COMMUNITY, we are able to reward our students for their academic achievements in many ways such as:

Red & Gray Cards:

  • If student have attained a 4.0 gpa  for the 9 weeks, they will receive a Red Card.
  • If a student obtained a 3.5 or above for the 9 weeks, they will receive a Gray Card.
  • These students will be given a card along with food coupons from McDonalds of Waynesburg and Subway of Magnolia.
  • They will also receive a punch card to 3 free athletic functions of their choice during a specific time (excludes tournaments and sectionals) and various free food days and a free missed homework pass.
  • Another form of encouragement is the drawing that is held in the 1st semester.
  • There will be various $20 gift certificates  and Lunch with the Principals.
  • They are divided into four categories: 6/7/8th, 9/10, 11/12 and VIP from all grades.
  • To qualify for the drawing, students need a 3.5 or better for the 1st Semester. To qualify for the VIP, students will need to bring their grades up .5 from the previous grade.
  • The Academic Booster Clug also offsets some of the costs of the AP tests.

Academic Social
In May, the Academic Boosters host an Academic Social.  To be invited, you will need to have obtained a 3.2 or better the previous year last semester and the first semester of the current year.  This also determines who receives a Letter (3.5 or above) or a Merit Certificate (3.2 or above) in the above mentioned semesters. We have guest speaker who is an Alumni of Sandy Valley. The top students are recognized and scholarships from the Academic Boosters will be awarded.

Awards are as follows:
1st year ---- Chenille Academic Letter
2nd year ---- Framed Certificate
3rd year ---- Wooden Plaque
4th year ---- Framed inscribed with a 5x7 picture provided by the student

We also have an Honors Pizza Party for middle school winners.  Any student who has received a 3.2 or better for both the above mentioned semesters will have s pizza party and drawing during their lunch period.

Senior Signs: Local businesses donate money towards our Senior Signs and each graduating senior will receive a sign with their name on them to display in their yard.  They are weather proof and are printed on both sides.
Funding: The Academic Boosters is completely supported through 100% donations.  All donations go towards rewarding our students for their academic achievements. It comes from many different sources including parents, grandparents, SV staff members, and local businesses.  Many of which have been supporting us 30  years.
If you would like to be on our mailing list or donate, just give us a call or drop an email and you will receive a reminder each year.
Several families, in lieu of flowers for their loved one who has passed away, ask that donations be made to the Academic Boosters, and memorial scholarships can be done through the booster club. We have the Pam Sewell VIP Scholarship, and the Corrine Haney Scholarship presently.  To become a supporter, please mail your donation to:

Sandy Valley Academic Boosters
Attn: Pam Miller
Sandy Valley High School
5130 State Route 183 NE
Magnolia, Ohio 44643-9613

You can also email any questions to