Equipment and Room Reservations


Elementary Video Broadcast Request

This form is for playback of a DVD over the school TV broadcast system.

Elementary Library Lab

Located in the Elementary Library
Number of computers: 29

Middle School/High School

Located adjacent to the Media Center
Number of computers: 30

HS Library Lab

Located in the Media Center
Number of computers: 30

Located next to the High School Cafeteria

HS Conference Room

Located in the High School Office

Elementary Chromebook Carts

EL-3RD-GRADECory Scott                                   Room 306
EL-4TH-GRADELaura Clear                                 Room 402
EL-5TH-GRADETina Loomis                                Room 506
EL-CART01Christina Hormell                        Room 502
EL-CART02Kelly Gamber                              Room 302
TAB-CARTLisa LawverRoom 203A

Middle School Chromebook Carts

MS-6TH-GRADELou Anne Gross                        Room 117
MS-7TH-GRADE Tojh NicholsonRoom 118
MS-8TH-GRADEJason Neading    Room 110
MS-CART01Kim Massey    Room 104
MS-CART02Jane NicholsRoom 107A
MS-CART03Jody LuttonRoom 114

High School Chromebook Carts

HS-9TH-GRADEBeth LampeRoom 221
HS-10TH-GRADESuzanne KailRoom 224
HS-11TH-GRADEJanine McDowellRoom 219
HS-12TH-GRADESteph IrwinRoom 218
HS-CART01Emily KeeneRoom 229
HS-CART02Maria RochaRoom 220
HS-CART03Diane ConnorRoom 215B

Board of Education