Equipment and Room Reservations


Elementary Video Broadcast Request

This form is for playback of a DVD over the school TV broadcast system.

Elementary Library Lab

Located in the Elementary Library
Number of computers: 29

Elementary Room 301

Located in the 3rd grade pod
Number of computers:29
Elementary Cardinal Room

Located in the Elementary Main Office

Middle School/High School

Located adjacent to the Guidance Office
Number of computers: 30

HS Library Lab

Located in the Media Center
Number of computers: 30

Located next to the High School Cafeteria

HS Conference Room

Located in the High School Office

Elementary  School Carts
EL-2ND-GRADE Lisa Lawver
Room 203A
EL-3RD-1 Kelly Gamber                             
Room 302
EL-3RD-2 Christine Hammontree                              Room 303
EL-3RD-3 Megan Zampino                       
Room 305
EL-3RD-4 Cory Scott                     
Room 306
EL-4TH-1 Kayla VanVoorhis                       
Room 401
Tamime Hatalla
Room 403
EL-4TH-3 Laura Clear
Room 405
EL-4TH-4 Cortney Geiger
Room 406
EL-5TH-1 Christina Hormell
Room 501
EL-5TH-2 Kelly Sedlak
Room 503
EL-5TH-3 Rebecca Blackford
Room 505
EL-5TH-4 Tina Loomis 
Room 506
TAB-CART Claire Duckworth 
Room 003
IPAD-CART Gabrielle Shannon   Room 106

Middle School Carts
MS-6TH-1 Jenise Marshall                     Room 113
MS-6TH-2 Kelly McDonald
Room 115
MS-6TH-3 Lou Anne Gross  
Room 117
MS-6TH-4 Taylor Skelton   Room 119
MS-7TH-1 Jody Lutton
Room 114
MS-7TH-2 Emily Lewis
Room 116
MS-7TH-3 Tojh Nicholson
Room 118
MS-7TH-4 Garry Offenberger
Room 120
MS-8TH-1 Jennifer Forney   
Room 104
MS-8TH-2 Nichole Gordon-Coy
Room 106
MS-8TH-3 Jake Gamber    
Room 108
MS-8TH-4 Jason Neading
Room 110

High School Carts
HS-SS-1 Brian Reidenbach
Room 210
HS-SS-2 Anthony Pentello
Room 214
HS-ELA-1 Stephanie Irwin
Room 218
HS-ELA-2 Suzanne Kail
Room 224
HS-ELA-3 Stephanie Shively
Room 220
HS-MATH-1 Gara Westrich
Room 227
HS-MATH-2 Brian Schwall
Room 223
HS-MATH-3 Natalie Motts
Room 219
HS-SCI-1 Jeannette Jernigan
Room 228
HS-SCI-2 Emily Keane
Room 229
HS-ART-1 Room 304
Room 304