Instructional Programs

Gifted Education Program:

An identification program begins in grade 1. A gifted teacher provides additional services in grades 1 and 2. Students spend five hours per week in a formal program in grades 3-6. Advanced placement courses are available in English, Calculus, Spanish, French, and Biology at the high school level.

Special Services:

Special Education programs are available for specific learning disabled, developmentally handicapped children and preschool handicapped children. Additional support services provided include speech, hearing, and language therapy; psychological evaluation; counseling; and occupational/physical therapy. A Model IV program has been implemented throughout the district. For more information about the services offered please contact the Special Education department at (330) 866 - 2376.

Adult Education Program:

Adult education programs are offered during evenings in fall, winter and spring sessions. G.E.D. classes are offered for those who have not completed their high school education.

Vocational Education:

Opportunities in vocational education which are offered in teh district include Administrative Secretarial Sciences and Marketing Education. Other opportunities which are available through the vocational planning district include: Auto Body, Auto Technology, Building Trades, Metal Fabrication, Accounting, Comprehensive Office Skills, Computer Technology, Cosmetology, Food Management, Diversified Cooperative Training, Health Occupations, Medical Technology, Environmental Technology, Engineering and Heating and Air Conditioning.

Post-Secondary Programs

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to enroll in college classes for credit.