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Junior Morgan Hall Wins the Stark County Library's Poetry Contest

posted Jun 4, 2018, 1:04 PM by Allison Morris
Junior Morgan Hall won an age group award in the Stark County District Library's annual poetry contest.  She, along with other winners, was asked to read her poem, titled "Renaissance," at the downtown branch where the awards ceremony was held in late May.  Congratulations to Morgan! 


life: the ultimate card dealer
the unfair hand I've been dealt
does not have to result in failure
don't let my poker face fool you

never mind our muscle mass
let's wrestle with our souls
I'll put up quite the fight
as I've mastered perseverance like breathing

despite the climb, it's beautiful from the top
suppose that's the point
from the bottom, the peak seems unnerving
the top - sensational

sensational like my first love
in face of the heartbreak
it's something you can never forget
something you learn to treasure, rather than repulse

beautiful like learning to love myself
for I am the closest thing left of my mother
though departed, she lives inside me
in my veins, my recollection, my heart

captivating like observing the world
individual people with individual thoughts
how the sunset grows so intense, only to fade so quickly
as if ashamed of her beauty