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Drama Club's Mystery Dinner Theater Tickets are on Sale Now!

posted Oct 11, 2018, 5:30 AM by Allison Morris
Tickets are now on sale for Sandy Valley Drama Club's annual mystery dinner, "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring." The dinner is Saturday, October 27th, at 6 pm. Tickets can be purchased by contacting a cast member or order by calling 330-866-9371 extension 3222. Tickets are $12 for adults and $7 for students and must be reserved or purchased by October 24th. Dinner will be Italian chicken, pasta, salad, roll, dessert, and drink and will be served in the Sandy Valley High School cafeteria at 6 pm with the show following. 

Don't miss this exciting mystery and dinner!

Here is a sneak peek of the show's synopsis: The royal ring is missing, and the queen won’t sleep until the royal detectives (all 13 of them!)  find it.  You’ve never met a more eclectic and eccentric group all in one play — including Maximum Smarts and Agent 98 with their Umbrella of Silence; Wiley Jones and his bumbling assistant, Oliver; Ms. Scarlet (who carries a candlestick and lead pipe in her purse but is ironically “clue”-less!); Bob the Southern Sheriff with his invisible dog; Inspector Change with a proverb for every occasion; the Professor (who’s always right, of course); Nancy and Jamie (clever girl detectives); Kat, who’s afraid of germs and even her own shadow; two tedious note-taking detectives; and Gypsy Rose the Fortune Teller.  As they scour the Queendom in search of the royal ring, the chatty maids follow the harried queen around while the devious butler spouts suspiciously evil laughs every time a clue goes awry.  In this fast-paced, madcap mystery, you’ll find delightful comedy for all ages in every quirky character...  and a surprise ending that rings true!