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Air Necessities: Business Idea Put into Action!

posted Mar 9, 2018, 8:49 AM by Allison Morris

This winter, students in Ms. Allison-Palmer’s Business Administration class were required to come up with a business idea and put it into production.  Air Necessities, a company that produced “Holiday and Modern Scented Candles,” was formed as a partnership by Liam Ott, Halie Sciury, Loghan Russell, and Reid Faigley.  Initially deciding to produce only 60 candles, the entrepreneurs soon realized the popularity of the luminaries and ended production with a total of 114 candles.  

All profits, over $750, were donated to Nick Cappillo, a Sandy Valley student, who is in remission from bone cancer.

A special “thank you” to Mr. and Mrs. Sancic and all who made donations.

Shown in pictures are Mrs. Cappillo and Nick Cappillo receiving a check from the Business Administration students Halie Sciury, Loghan Russell, Reid Faigley, and Liam Ott.